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Health Benefits of Alkaline Water
Arklow, Ireland

Diet, stress, and exposure to toxins take a huge toll on our bodies. Much of the food we eat, and the beverages we drink lower the body’s pH, and accelerate damage to tissues, which results poor health and premature ageing.

Ordinary water does nothing to help. Today’s drinking water is laden with toxins, and treated with so many chemicals that it has been rendered a lifeless, tasteless liquid. Fortunately, Enagic water ionizers are equipped with cutting edge filtration systems and potent water ionization technology designed to restore water to its natural healthy state.

Beneficial characteristics of water produced by Enagic Ionizers:
◾Contains beneficial minerals
◾Microclustering water improves hydration
◾Ionization adds beneficial antioxidants

Health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water:
◾Detoxifies at the cellular level
◾Helps maintain a healthy pH balance
◾Age fighting antioxidants